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April 13, 2007

     I deeply regret to find that Dr. H. Don Scott has passed. He is one of the few men I know who truly deserve the term "gentleman". He meant a great deal to me at a very dark time in my life. If he had not given me a place to work as his Technical Assistant at the University of Arkansas, I might never have come out of a very deep depression. He put up with my often bizarre behavior and gave me a reason to get up in the morning and get on with my life. Where many others would have tossed me aside, he gave me the space, grace and understanding I needed to survive. A lot of my published research product owes him that debt, which I can never repay. I hope it will not do him any dishonor to dedicate this research and tutorial web site to his memory. I wrote many of the tutorials here on soil physics, Richards equation and finite differences, while working for him. Students from as far away as Indonesia and France still visit them, and these tutorials would never have existed without his support.

Don Baker, Ph.D. Soil Physics

 Dr. H. Don Scott

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