Studies of the surface and subsurface fate and transport
of nitrogen and phosphorous from poultry litter
© 2000, 2001, D. Baker & D. Scott

  Poultry litter is often used and disposed, wittingly or not, as fertilizer. In the Mid-South and elsewhere, animal waste is becoming a detrimental addition to surface and ground waters. These web pages, papers and tutorials represent a continuing effort to understand and model the transformation and movement of organic and inorganic fertile materials in poultry litter from the surface of agricultural fields down to the ground water.

   This is a work in progress, albeit slowly. These pages should be considered drafts and preprints of current and past work. Hopefully, as the work progresses, and time and money permit, more will be added to this site, and existing material updated and improved. The dates on the topic links below indicate when the material was last updated. Some of the html files are lengthy and take longer than usual to download due to the large numbers of tutorial graphs and equations. Patience is its own reward.