Infiltration from Poultry Litter

  Infiltration and runoff from poultry litter and other animal manures is becoming a critical issue in the degradation of surface and ground waters in areas of high animal production. I did this work for Dr. H. Don Scott when he was at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, under a contract which I don't recall. I present it hear not as the product of Aquarius Engineering, but so that it won't be lost. To be honest, I got completely hung up and frustrated in the calibration of the water infiltration model. But I think that we probably did some good in the modeling of transfer of surface waste to the subsoil. I would suggest that any user of the model check the numerical chemical transport methods against those presented in Dr. Scott's textbook, Soil Physics, which came later. My ability to program at that time was compromised by changes to new medication, that made higher math and computer programming problematic. Doing the math yourself is always the best course.

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