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   This site has not been listed as a business expense for U.S. tax purposes since 1999. It was set up to demonstrate the research abilities of a disabled investigator, which were not finding support in academic circles. The finite differences and soil physics tutorial sections have been the most popular sections on this site, which has been drawing between about 6000 and 12,000 visitors per month (including robots, crawlers, etc) over the year ending June 2004.

  Due to illness, disability and lack of research support, the Principal Investigator has not done any new research since about February 2002. Yet, surprisingly, the number of visitors has increased. In mid-June 2004, entering "soil physics" into a Google search brought up the soil physics tutorials on this site first, ahead of more than 600,000 other sites. Either the tutorials are being used more often in teaching, or the robots are taking over.

  If there is anyone who wishes to obtain a copy of these sections, or any others of interest, for the purpose of putting up a mirror site, you may contact me. -- Don Baker


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